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November 27, 2012
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A Smattering of Lit News

Tue Nov 27, 2012, 1:37 AM


It's CRITmas 2014! FINAL DAY

Final day!
:new: Update 06/01  We've got about 12 hours left before the contest deadline! We've had one person do 12 in 2 hours today, so if you are feeling mad and want a prize, go for it! Also please don't forget to log your critiques in this journal as so many have already done!

Update 04/01
2 days left! Please check your name is on the completer list if you have claimed your 12 critiques! There's still plenty of time to contribute, even if you don't make it to 12!
Update 01/01 Happy New year everyone! Here is to an amazing 2015! We've still got 5 days left of this challenge and starting to see more people completing! Keep those critiques rolling, you are doing fantastic! :D
Update 28/12 How are we getting on? Starting to see a few critiques springing about, which is fantastic! You will notice at the bottom of this journal, there is now a list of challenge participants who have submitted their completed critique

Deadlined Things

2014 Hearth and Home Contest Jan 1

Once Upon A Time in a Town Called Apocalypse Dec 8 - Feb 28 - Seeking Prize Donations

Ongoing Things

pyrohmstr is currently offering histograms of letter use (and color, for you visual artists) as commissions. Data data data!

Book Club at CRLiterature

WordWarsUpcoming Events


Weekly prompts: Apocalypse-writing House-of-Playwrights TheWritersMeow

theWrittenRevolution posts monthly prompts.


:new: Eastern Poetry Forms at the-haiku-club so ffs you no longer have an excuse to call a senryu a haiku.

Need to ask an expert questions for your project, or have a skillset to offer? TheKnow!

Publishing Resources
by SadisticIceCream

Persistent-Practice has been prolific with posts.

ScreamPrompts is chock full of awesome, challenging prompts.

last update, will leave the resources up but anything I want to promote will be delivered as a status update in the future
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