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but I'm doing it anyway

gotta stay competitive in my career.

we'll see how I feel about homework now that my brain is no longer in adolescence. I ALREADY SPENT TOO MUCH TIME ON A 5-POINT QUESTION BECAUSE IT WAS LITERALLY MY DAY JOB, I'm like...waiting for the prof to just be like "not reading this, bitch is in the field, A++"

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Sun Jan 1, 2017, 12:42 AM
Okay okay I obviously wrote my own bio so that is just from my original reaction. Reproduced with fewer As.

It feels like I've been given a mandate to keep doing what I do, which is nice. Warm and fuzzy. Thank you.

Granted it's cyclic for me - I hope no one's paid close enough attention to notice, because these are multi-year cycles - and this is a downswing. Brought to you in part by a very good deal on the PS4. And in part by my capricious nature, reality, bad excuses, etc.

I've been horribly behind on messages since August. I have this policy of not replying to good comments until I've left a good comment for you. It worked better before my phone browser and DA's comment box stopped getting along. I'm not being neglectful, I'm being so attentive I look neglectful.

Pay attention to theWrittenRevolution instead.

Art-wise, I've been spending more time on my webcomic than anything else, but that's never going to be posted here because it is not well drawn. I'm capable of better but I have neither the time nor the discipline.

If there is something you want to see from me, though, I'm open to suggestions.

And finally, here are some artist-relevant charities. I've included the ACLU and Amnesty International because free speech. (Sorry ~72% of these are US-oriented. Google knows where I live, it's in my Wi-Fi.)

Amnesty International
Artists' Charitable Fund (US) Artists' Benevolent Fund (UK)
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Hero Initiative
Lehigh County Humane Society (RIP Damien, thanks doughboycafe for finding this)


Fri Sep 30, 2016, 5:13 PM
Veni, vidi, ...what's Latin for ate my way across the country?

(Scroll past the text and there's pictures, I promise.)

Aside from the usual tourist things, a couple of things I want to mention are a) I spent like 6 months doing the Duolingo thing so I wasn't totally out in the woods on Italian, and b) if you've ever made the mistake of looking at my Twitter feed I am pretty interested in global politics and especially post-Brexit, and considering how much blame has been heaped on Hellas and Italia* for the current state of the EU (which looks to me not particularly bad, but not a magical shiny utopia for sure)...I was curious about that.

*Yes, I am the kind of person who uses the local names when I know what they are. Enjoy.

The official unemployment rate is 12%. In Napoli, where we were only briefly, the youth (male youth?) unemployment rate is closer to 20%.

Of course you can't wander up to someone on the street and ask them about these things but it was hard to miss the graffiti everywhere—more visibly politically charged in Bologna, where there was even a student demonstration against the university entrance exams—and then in Venezia there was obvious discontent with the amount of tourism, ranging from graffiti of a morbidly obese woman carrying bags and bags of brand names to generic 'fakk u tourist' type stuff, and something about Hindus, that I somehow failed to get any pictures of.

Nor can you miss the persistence of public surveillance—I remember when I volunteered for Amnesty International in high school, our sponsor was deeply concerned by some push to add cameras in some high-traffic areas. Italia would have probably given her a heart attack.

Aside from the ubiquitous cameras, there was a noticeable military presence, armed with automatic guns (probably; I learned most of my gun types from playing Mass Effect). Although on what seems to be a relevant note, we saw only one refugee camp, at the bottom of the stairs that are the major pedestrian path between the Como S. Giovanni railway station and the rest of Como—some homeless people in every town, and let us not speak of the scent of alleys.

All in all, the Italian people were incredibly nice and welcoming, but one asks if the same is true of the government.

So anyway, photos. I've gone with a limit of 3 per area. I took something like 2,000 total.


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Burano + Lido



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San Gimignano + Siena


Cinque Terre



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Salerno + Amalfi + Positano



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Image swap party

Sun Jul 10, 2016, 7:17 PM
Let's trade hilarious things.

If it has an obvious spoiler, say so in your comment pls. I personally think the statute of limitations is up on Game of Thrones but I've seen it all and read the latest chapters P:

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link one thumbnail and I'll give you one word that is something I think your piece needs to improve on.

I strongly encourage you to talk to other people on this journal, as critique doesn't grow on trees et al.

if the one word is too vague, I'll expound... if you link a good comment you recently left someone else.
jesus fucking christ

it's called an IRB (or IACUC for animals)

it's called the scientific method

it's called grant applications and tight funding

I'm happy to answer questions but it doesn't take a degree in science to notice that intelligent people don't arbitrarily do dumb shit. if you can't not write a scientist who is somehow too stupid and unmethodological to take the right precautions, maybe you should shut the hell up.

Well Then Well Then

Fri Aug 15, 2014, 9:57 AM
I almost wrote a speech, looked in the metaphorical mirror, and was like...really? I'll be diverting time to other projects, but little has changed since last August.

So all I need to say is....


I don't enjoy feels. If you are compelled to respond, how about one cool piece of art, and one ridiculous GIF.

james franco kiss seth rogen kanye west

Well Then

Tue Sep 18, 2012, 1:37 PM
I was all cold and sad and basically it's namenotrequired's fault that I decided to ask for a hat. For my sad old ears. :ohnoes:

Um, okay. So more things will be forthcoming in the next couple of days (ironically, I'm kind of helping run the projecteducate community week which is all about not being volunteers, teehee*) as I figure stuff out. But there's a couple of things I wanna lay out there, knowing that I've been quite silly and/or inconsistent here and there.

One, volunteer persona is volunteer. I hold myself to some pretty high standards for any kind of semi or professional thing, and you should call me out if you don't think I'm doing it right. That said, bullshit is bullshit and I've a low tolerance. Oh, and I don't believe in censorship. Swearwords for all (it goes past this, but frankly I don't come on the internet to show off my sweet braincase) :iconyeehawplz:

Two, there's inertia in the system BUT GODDAMNIT IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT YOU NEED TO SPEAK UP CONSTRUCTIVELY. Everyone wants change. 5% of those come up with solutions, and maybe 1% actually like the implemented solutions. The only way to make that not be the trend is to be out there.

Anyway, seriously, throw stuff at me. :eager:

And I should mention it's for lit, shouldn't I? Derp.

Also this interesting article on comics criticism. I think a lot of it can apply to other genres that aren't as well accepted.

*Also, because of SadisticIceCream, I'm now trying to write 70,000 words in 10 days.

what the effing eff

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 29, 2012, 11:29 AM

I have no idea who you are but I commend your ability to encourage bad decision making ;p



and tromp all over these lawns instead! Goddamn whippersnappers. by Ikue