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The words are the spark.
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protip: science is *always* more badass.

For me?!

California dreamin'
by the sea—
sittin' on a pier,
a sunburnt hat
floats by me
by Jade-Pandora

Neurostomp by ThiefoworldNeuro-type by TrampireCR Stamp Project Contest Entry II by PizzaPotatoNBaconI Support neurotype by Aerode

custombox tuts from CypherVisor


Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
A strong and consistent presence in the literature community for over a decade, neurotype has proven her dedication to DeviantArt through her unrelenting support. Contributing her time as a Community Volunteer from September 2012 to August 2014, she worked to improve the community by creating engaging challenges to inspire DeviantArt’s writers and featuring beautifully written works of literature as Daily Deviations.

Beyond her service as a volunteer, she has been active in a variety of groups and chat events, bringing a positive spirit to the literature community. She’s been a huge presence in the literature forums, working to make sure they are consistently alive with conversation. In addition to her contributions to the community, neurotype is a fantastic writer, and lends her talents to other writers as well by offering critiques. She is a bubbly and supportive member of the community, and a deserving recipient of the January 2017 Deviousness Award!
-awarded January 2017


Sun Jan 1, 2017, 12:42 AM
Okay okay I obviously wrote my own bio so that is just from my original reaction. Reproduced with fewer As.

It feels like I've been given a mandate to keep doing what I do, which is nice. Warm and fuzzy. Thank you.

Granted it's cyclic for me - I hope no one's paid close enough attention to notice, because these are multi-year cycles - and this is a downswing. Brought to you in part by a very good deal on the PS4. And in part by my capricious nature, reality, bad excuses, etc.

I've been horribly behind on messages since August. I have this policy of not replying to good comments until I've left a good comment for you. It worked better before my phone browser and DA's comment box stopped getting along. I'm not being neglectful, I'm being so attentive I look neglectful.

Pay attention to theWrittenRevolution instead.

Art-wise, I've been spending more time on my webcomic than anything else, but that's never going to be posted here because it is not well drawn. I'm capable of better but I have neither the time nor the discipline.

If there is something you want to see from me, though, I'm open to suggestions.

And finally, here are some artist-relevant charities. I've included the ACLU and Amnesty International because free speech. (Sorry ~72% of these are US-oriented. Google knows where I live, it's in my Wi-Fi.)

Amnesty International
Artists' Charitable Fund (US) Artists' Benevolent Fund (UK)
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Hero Initiative
Lehigh County Humane Society (RIP Damien, thanks doughboycafe for finding this)


PSU here. sister tomorrow. need clean house.... Starting by nuking inbox.
this is my SUMMONING PSU TO ARRIVE TODAY face because I beat my videogame and need a break u:
PSU dead. Coping mechanisms include shooting at pixels and climbing pixels. bbl

You're welcome



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:hug: see loved to You.♥♥♥
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Oh, congrats on the deviousness! Not that it's a surprise – if somebody had told me you already had it, I would've believed them :lol:
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Congratulation on the deviousness award! They should give you a crown for your username or something.
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Gud Jerb, Norpadorp!
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:nuu: Many congratulations on receiving Deviousness :blowkiss:
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